Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Weekend!

We had a fun, busy weekend! The weather on Saturday and Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, and I CAN'T WAIT for spring and summer! I'm not the type of person to complain about the heat during the summer anyways, but after this winter (even though it's not even over yet) I vow to NEVER complain again. This has been the coldest / rain-iest (yes, I'm making up words here) / snow-iest / yuck-iest winter EVER!!! I can't stand the cold!!!! So, needless to say, this past weekend was a welcomed break!! 65 and sunny both days =)

Friday night after work, our good friends Jenny and Bruce came over for dinner. We fixed pulled pork bbq, corn on the cob and baked mac-n-cheese!! YUM! We had fun with them, just hanging out!

Then Saturday was my SISTER'S birthday and also, my mom's "bridal shower"!! Brooke picked me up, and we spent too long in Old Navy (although we weren't impressed with their store lately!!) and then headed up to Cartersville for Mom's shower!! It was held at her future hubby's parents house. They were very nice and the entire family was very welcoming.

The 3 of us at her shower

About to open gifts

Her pretty cake!

Then after that the family all headed down to Bahama Breeze!! It was yummy, and we all got to sit outside around a big fire-pit! It was cool!! We got her a PINK iPod shuffle, and she got lots of other cool stuff!!

This is Brooke and Matt at dinner

Me and the hubby at dinner

This is just a random picture, but Mom's birthday was 7 days before Brooke's and Brookie made her this cute Red Velvet cupcake!! They were sooo yummy =)


Well... this is my first post!!!

I'm sure this blog will be VERY boooring considering I (well, my husband and I) dont lead the most interesting, fun-filled lives!! It seems like we're always busy, but I'm not sure how much of it will be "blog-worthy". I wanted to start a blog to "document" our lives! I try and take as many pictures as possible... although sometimes I forget, or my camera battery dies, etc., and it just doesn't happen. I'm not creative AT ALL, and therefore do not scrap-book, so this is what I resort to!  Hopefully this blog will still be around when I'm 85 years old, and I can look back and remember. I love reading and looking at other peoples' blogs, so I figured I would make my own (of course, with doubts that I'll have anything to say).

So, here's my first post. Who knows, this could be the last. But I hope not (at least there will be one more since I'm about to post about this past weekend... WOOHOO - this is a START!!).