Tuesday, April 27, 2010


... with my dog as a puppy!!!

When we got Jack he was 2 years old. And as I mentioned before, we sort of like him. We've always thought that he was the cutest dog ever, but LET ME TELL YOU, he was the cutest puppy EVER!!

This is what he looked like when we got him at 2 years old (so precious!!):

Well, luckily, the sweet girl who loved him before us found my blog!!! So she was kind enough to send us a couple of pictures from when he was a puppy! OH MY GOSH, they will just melt your heart!!!

SEE!! I told you so!!!

*NOTE: Hopefully one day I will have more interesting things to blog about. But, for now, this is our life, and our animals are a BIG part of it. =) *

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