Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Disastrous" Weekend

Well our weekend wasn't as uneventful as we had "planned". We had some disasters, but definitely some good times also!!

It started with the disaster!! I came hom from work Friday thinking that our house was on fire! Actually when I walked in the door, it smelled like hubby had just blew out a candle. Yes, I'm aware that he wouldn't be sitting home alone burning candles and then blowing them out. I don't know why I didn't think any thing of it?!

So I went to the living room to talk to hubby for about 10 minutes, and then we got up to start figuring out what to do for dinner. So we walk in to the kitchen, and it's FULL OF SMOKE!!!!! My knees literally gave out and I think I may have had a slight (major) heart attack!!! I made the dogs go out side (in the middle of a torrential down-pour) and started considering what to grab and make a run for it!! The first thing I thought of was "OH NO!! Did I turn off my hair straightener this morning?!?!?" I always turn it off... I just started doubting my self!! (At this point I knew that our house was about to go down in flames!)

Well, hubby went upstairs to see if that's where the "fire" was coming from, and lucky for me, I didn't leave it on!! Well long story short, it wasn't AS BIG OF A DEAL as it seemed at first. Apparently the motor in the dishwasher burned out. Causing THAT MUCH SMOKE!!! We were feeling all through the walls to see if we had a fire in there... it was bad!!

So hubby had to take out the dishwasher to make sure there wasn't anything major going on behind it. That was an ordeal in itself. We figured out that our counters lean a little bit to the right, and it was not easy to pull that thing out. And, we're convinced that the dishwasher was put in the house when it was built (in 1989.)

THEN..... hubby broke off the water pipe, and water started spraying EVVVEEEERRYYYYWHEEERREE!!! All I could do was laugh... sorry =(. My heart had been on a rollercoaster, and I didn't know what to do anymore. So anyways... yes... hubby in all of his work clothes... gets sprayed with hot water!! Gallons of water were sprayed into my kitchen!!! That was fun to clean up...

And with 2 dogs running around.... just close your eyes and picture this DISASTER!!

So after visiting 5 different stores, over the weekend, to do some pricing, we went to a different store last night, and bought a dishwasher. By the way, dishwashers are expensive!! But we feel like we got a good deal, and, the state of Georgia is doing rebates on all energy-star certified products.. .so that helps too.

But of course, we can't just install the new dishwasher and go on our merry way.... oh no... some piece doesn't fit in to some other piece (obviously I was not the one trying to install this new dishwasher). So we have to take the installation kit back to the place we bought it from, and then see if they'll exchange it, or go to Home Depot or something and try and buy the stuff we need ourselves. I just want a working dishwasher instead of a hole in my kitchen!! Is that too much to ask?!!?

On a brighter note, we went and had lunch with my favorite girls (and our hubbies, of course!) on Saturday!

Hubby and Avery! So sweet!!!

And then Sunday evening around 8:00, precisely, the heavens parted, and our dogs miraculously decided they liked each other!! It was the weirdest thing!! They went from growling at each other and biting (Jack actually drew blood from Lexie's lip) to playing like crazy!! They are literally running circles in our house. They are having so much fun! See, this is the reason we wanted another dog... Jack needed a friend. Although, we had our doubts for about 5 days if he would quit being a bully or not!! I'm excited they are BFF now!!

Hope your weekend was less eventful! =)

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