Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I had a great birthday weekend!! It seems as if we did nothing but eat ALL weekend! But it was fantastic!!!

Hubby gave me my birthday present a week ago!! He got my the cutest pink Prince tennis bag!! I LOVE it!! He gave it to me so I could use it at my first match.. the one I lost =(

Friday night we had some friends over, and grilled ribs and cooked yummy food and just hung out and watched basketball! I have some great friends, who gave me LOTS of great stuff!!!

Saturday we went to watch my brother's first baseball game! He did SO GOOD! They ended up losing, but I am still so proud of them. He's pitching, and is awesome at it!! After that, we went to Red Lobster with my family and ate more yummy food!! And then we just went back to my mom's to hang out for a little while! It was a great day, and the weather was perfect!!! My mom gave me 2 gorgeous dresses that I LOVE!!!

This is one of the dresses

and this is the other... my Easter dress =) I Love it!!!

Sunday (my actual Birthday) I had a tennis match! I wanted to win so badly on my birthday, and hubby even said "I KNOW you're going to win!!!" - how encouraging =)..... well I did win!! Who cares if it was by defualt!??!? (one of my opponents didn't show up, so they had to forfeit, and I automatically won) But the weather was absolutely crazy!! Our refreshment table was a big mess... plates and cups and chips flying EVERYWHERE!! It was like hurricane strength winds- ha!! But all the other lines got to play and got their matches in before the rain started! At least we didn't have to reschedule!! I seriously sat there and ate the entire time watching the other girls play... carrots... pineapple... strawberries... cupcakes... yummm....

Then after the match we went back to Hubby's parents house, and they grilled steak and had yummy salad and potatoes to go with it! MIL even fixed me a yummy chocolate pecan pie!! Mmmmm..... =) And they gave me the cutest Vera Bradley bag EVER!!!

It was my favorite birthday yet, and I can't wait to see what this next year holds for me =)


  1. Cute purse! I haven't seen that pattern before. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thanks Beth!! I JUST NOW saw that you left a comment here. I dont think I know what I'm doing... lol