Thursday, March 11, 2010

We must be crazy!!

We officially have THREE animals in our house; 2 dogs and a precious kitty!!

We love animals, and are definitely suckers for a cute face and a playful personality!!

Here is the newest addition to our family:
Meet Lexie =)

She's such a little sweet heart, and we already love her after only one night! She's definitely clinging to me already, and tries to "protect" me from Jack. (I'll introduce you to Jack and Bailey later)

Lexie is a 10-month old golden retriever. We aren't sure if she's full blooded-we really don't think so-but she looks alot like Jack. She does have a shepherd nose though. We found her on, and the previous owners couldn't keep her because their children were very allergic to her. So we got her!!

Last night, and probably tonight, she slept in her crate. We are firm believers that after a few accidents, and maybe a little trust, that dogs shouldn't be crated after they are potty trained. So we're hoping that by the weekend, we'll work with her see how well she does! She might be roaming the house with the rest of the clan soon!

Right now Lexie and Jack are not the best of friends, but it will just take time! She's already bigger than Jack, and that doesn't help poor little Jack's self esteem.

Here are some more pictures of the big puppy!!

Please remind me to throw this (squeaky) toy in the back-yard!! AHHH It's so annoying!

We think she's very sweet, and adorable, and a great addition to our family!!

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